About This Project
PrintCompetition.com was created in 2006 to automate the laborious process of preparing for physical print competitions. Today PrintCompetiton.com is used for any type of image competition whether it be physical print, digital image, in-person or remote judging.

This project won the PPA 2021 Technology Impact Award by developing a remote judging solution overnight. Over 80 PPA affiliates use PrintCompetition.com to manage their image judging events.

There is no charge to your organization to use this system.

Each of your participants will be asked to pay an annual cover charge of only $. This is collected separately from your image or case fees. This fee covers every event managed by the project for the entire calendar year. It’s possible some of your participants have already paid the fee for . Your makers may also choose to be premium members, but this is not required to enter your event.

I have two requirements for your organization.
  • Have at least three judges at your event
  • Make an audio recording of the judges debate and/or critiques for the archives.

  • It's easy to get started. We have 16 basic questions for you to answer. Setup takes a week or less after we receive your answers. You will receive access to back office tools and video based training.

    To get started you can request new organizaton support by sending an email to: . We will reply with the questions list and next steps.