Remote Judging is possible through

You can have one or all judges, Jury Chair and Scorekeeper in multiple locations as long as all have internet connections and the correct equipment.

Everyone needs a computer, monitor, microphone and speakers (or telephone). Judges also need a smartphone. Judges will need to calibrate their own monitors.

The JC app, Scorekeeper app, Judges Keypad app and the new Remote Judging app can be found at

There are 3 options for how judges see images

1) Use Lightroom

  • PRO - Greater confidence of image quality
  • PRO - Fast display of image to support the impact element
  • PRO - Albums can be included
  • CON - Judge must set up their on environment (this takes time)
    • Massive file to download (250mb to 1500mb depending on the size of the event.)
    • Expand the ZIP file
    • Import into a new Lightroom catalog.
    • Sort by file name.
    • Set up secondary display
    • Set main screen to Library-Grid mode, Secondary to Loupe mode
    • Turnoff metadata on secondary screen.
    • Learn how to advance images with the arrow keys.
    • Do all this blindfolded so they do not accidentally see the images in advance.

2) Use our Remote Judging App

  • PRO - No Lightroom Setup. Our app in a browser does it all
  • PRO - The images will not be seen by the judges accidently.
  • PRO - Images will advance automatically upon action of the Scorekeeper.
  • CON - There are limitations
    • You cannot do albums. It’s just too much data.
    • Most of the time image quality will be fine. We’ve seen a color shift on the Firefox browser. Based on tests we recommend the Safari or Chrome browser for better color presentation.
    • Images may not ‘pop’ on screen. They will progress from top to bottom in seconds. This is a browser limitation. It has been learned that on a Mac, the Safari browser pops much quicker. The app will preload the images one at a time to make them pop quicker. Testing on Windows has not been done.
    • There is an image preloading time when the app starts. The length of time depends entirely on the judges’ internet connection. When 5 images have been preloaded the judging can begin and preloading continues in the background.
    • Judges will need to be given instructions on how to put the browser in fullscreen mode.
  • MITIGATION - To improve the speed of this option, ask makers to upload images no wider than 2560 pixels and no taller than 1600.

3) Screen share system like Zoom, GoToMeeting, Microsoft teams etc.

  • PRO - Simpler setup
  • CON - Images are compressed into a low resolution movie. Quality will suffer

Communication during the event is imperative.

You can use any conference system. Zoom,, GoToMeeting are some that have been used. Facebook live will not work for the judges since the stream is always 15 to 60 seconds behind live activities.
  • Set meeting options to mute all attendees, then unmute the judges,JC and Scorekeeper
  • Record the event and upload the audio file to
  • Do not use the screenshare feature until you are ready for judges to select award winners. Then you share one Lightroom session to all judges. Quality is less important at this step. You will need to force-off the audience from the call.
  • Those who speak should use earbuds to prevent feedback
  • Keep mic close to mouth to eliminate room noise and echo.
  • Put the link to your meeting in the Steaming Link box at admin parameters screen so anyone can listen in through GameDay.
  • If you rent our box of equipment I will set this up.