Who Are We?
PrintCompetition.com is a unique service that automates the process of
judging physical prints and digital images for photography organizations.

Why Use us?
Participants find it very easy submit their entries and pay their image or case fees on-line.
Participants also love getting text messages and emails when their print or image is scored.
Organizers of photography competitions find it easy to manage the event, collect fees, import digital files and print out results.
Judges find it easy to enter their scores using an iPod Touch or iPhone eliminating those pesky wires.
Jury Chairpersons love the personal real-time score information delivered to them on their iPad.
Spectators of the event love being able to see the current image being judged on their iPad or phone as well as the current leader-board as the event progresses.
Spectators love being able to watch all the proceedings from Club79 where they can be loud, participate in score guessing games and share tips and techniques with fellow photographers.
Premium subscribers to PrintCompetition.com love being able to access their image history, scores and audio of judges commentary (if available).
Premium subscribers love being able to research over 81,834 images since 2010 with scores and audio commentary available on over 22,222.

There are two levels of service depending on the need for on-site support. On-site support is required the first time you use the service. If you use the same staff and/or take take good notes you certainly can do it without on-site support in subsequent meetings.

physical and/or digital judging
on-line user registration
image upload
on-line user payments
printable back labels for physical prints
printable entry form
physical print bar-coding
digital image computer randomization
digital image download for import to your software
printable judging dockets
clear dymo labels for print corners
iPhone Touch keypad by judges
Macbook Air control panel for scorekeeper
iPad score monitor for jury chairman
Club79 projection of current image being judged
Club79 projection of leader board
Club79 audio feed from jury room
audio recording of judges commentary
backup internet connection thru Verizon
on site
* While on-site we provide projectors, computers, iPads, VOIP, and Internet connectivity for these functions. If we are not on-site an organization has the option to provide their own equipment to accomplish the same feature. You can also rent equipment from us. See COST